Trace the Sim Ownership details by the help of SIM Tracker, CNIC Tracker, Trace location with 100% success rate. Get instant and updated information of any anyone within seconds.


Enter any Pakistani citizen’s CNIC or mobile number and get reliable and fresh data onto the screen. It has the ownership details of every Pakistani Telecommunication customer.


The data you would get from the Higher authorities of Pakistan in months or days are easy to get from this platform in seconds. With stable internet and basic internet usage knowledge, you can use this platform and find a SIM card or CNIC number owner.


Enter the details in the below text field and click on the search button.


Track a person live who is teasing or threatening you by entering their Mobile number.


Get the instant details of any CNIC holder or SIM user from our Uploaded SIM Database in seconds.


Trace the Fresh location of a relative or unknown person by just Entering the SIM number.


Does any anonymous person constantly contacting you on mobile? Enter their mobile number and get their data.


Starting from the usage perspective, SIMownership.com is the type of platform where you can get the details of any SIM owner in Pakistan within a few seconds that you tend to beg for in front of the higher authorities, and the majority of the time, they don’t provide you the information.


Since real-time threats are normal and there is an increase in crime rate in Pakistan, it’s a brilliant option to use SIMownership and get a Pakistani SIM owner’s reliable and updated information onto the screen instantly. Moreover, it can decrease the time you complain to the digital crime control departments by providing the information you get from this platform.


SIMownership.com is also a beneficial option for anyone who demands a secure user experience on sensitive platforms. As many Pakistan SIM owners’ details are available on this platform, real-time threats from hackers or negative online users apply to this platform. However, SIM ownership imposes high-end security protocols on the platform that don’t allow anyone to steal the data. In addition, its end-to-end encryption doesn’t let anyone know about your activity on this platform. Also, we don’t have subscription charges.

SIMownership.com | Pakistan’s No 1 SIM Tracker Platform:

SIMownership.com is the Pakistan SIM Tracker platform where you can enter the Mobile number of any Pakistani SIM owner into the text field and click on the Search box to get the fresh data of the user. Our platform provides the most recent data onto the screen for our users for free.


Besides SIM ownership data, SIMownership.com provides the CNIC number details, including their name, Address, and number of SIM registered on the number. So if you want to know how many SIMs are registered on your number, you can easily get it by using this platform’s CNIC number feature.


How to Check the Number of SIMS on your CNIC?

Are you trying to register a new SIM card on your CNIC but can’t do it due to the full slot? If so, then you need to check out the list of numbers that are registered on your number. Some of the numbers would probably be those you are not using further. So, it is better to double-check those numbers and block them instantly to make room for new numbers. You can do it by using the SIMOWNERSHIP CNIC Tracker feature for free on the platform.  It will get you the details of the list of mobile numbers that are registered on your CNIC. Make sure to write the right CNIC number to get the information to the screen.


How to Block your SIM?

As mentioned earlier, SIMownership.com can get you the details of all the SIM numbers registered on your CNIC in one place. Type in the CNIC number on the text field and click the Search button. Now, when you get all of the additional numbers registered on your CNIC and are not using them, you can easily block them by getting to the nearby Telecommunication company franchise.


As you live in Pakistan, You can easily find different telecommunication companies’ franchises near your location. All you need is to get along your original CNIC Card. Then, book your appointment with the franchise and wait until your booking time comes. You can ask them to block the list of numbers that are not in use anymore. Put your fingers on the biometric verification device, and they will get the details of various numbers onto the screen. Now, point out the list of numbers, and they will block it straightaway.


How you can Activate/Register a SIM Card number in Pakistan?

If you are planning to get a new number for your Mobile phone, it has become possible for you to do biometric verification. For that, your CNIC has to be active, as an expired CNIC won’t be considered in any way for registering or activating a new SIM card number.


In Pakistan, numerous telecommunication companies like Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Jazz, and SCOM(For Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan). Now, all you need is to go to the relevant franchise whose SIM card services you want to use. If you live in an area where Franchises are not established, you can go to the normal Shopkeeper who offers mobile-related services such as Balance recharge, Money transfer, etc. The franchises provide them with the devices and SIM cards so people who don’t have the facilities of Franchises in their areas can easily activate or register the SIM cards from them.


How the Live Tracker Feature of SIMownership.com beneficial for you?

The Live Tracker feature of SIMownership.com is beneficial for any person in Pakistan in a variety of conditions. Well, the primary purpose of using this feature is to get the live GPS details of the relevant person.


If you have a mobile phone that has been lost recently and don’t know how to get it back? Well, you need to submit an FIR or First information report to the nearby Police station where the police look after the case and try to get with other departments who have the latest technologies to track the activity of the mobile phone that would be beneficial in tracing the mobile user.


Well, the use of Live Tracker can help get all the details mentioned above by sitting in your home without getting the help of others. So yes, if no one steals your mobile and it’s lost and placed in an area, a live tracker would help you get it without any hurdles, which is brilliant.


If you are a father/mother contacting the Child on the mobile number, but they are not responding, it could create a worrying situation for you. Why? As you don’t know where they are, and they are not picking up the phone, you only want to get their location. Well, using Live Tracker will help you track the child’s life. So if they are in any unknown place, you could get to the same location to find them or contact the police to ensure your child is safe.


If you are running a company with many employees, chances are higher that some employees need to be more trustworthy and dedicated to the work. Every time they plan to not appear in the office due to some reasons. If you want to know whether they are right, you can easily trace their live location. If whatever they say about their existence in another location for issues, the live tracker feature will help identify it. You can easily catch them if they are wrong or make false excuses.


How the SIMDatabase Feature of SIMownership.com beneficial for you?

On Simownership.com, the entire database of Pakistani SIM users is uploaded, and it’s timely updated with new entries and fresh information about SIM card owners. Whatever search term you enter into the text field, the system starts searching for the exact match term details in the database and shows you the results accordingly.


The reason it’s beneficial for you to use is that it provides you with enough amount of data on the screen. So you can make good use of the same data to track the person who is teasing or threatening you for any reason. Meanwhile, you could use the same data to get the details of a relative. You can use the SIMdatabse to verify your details.


How the CNIC Tracker Feature of SIMownership.com beneficial for you?

The CNIC Tracker feature is truly an outstanding feature on SIMownership.com that benefits you in getting others’ data and your own. SIMownership.com have uploaded the database of CNIC holders onto the platform. So, you have to enter the exact match or right CNIC number onto the screen to get the details of a person onto the screen. It takes time to show the details on the screen as thousands of CNIC holders’ information is on the database, increasing weekly.


The major reason it’s beneficial for you to use the CNIC feature is that it will get you the entire details relevant to the CNIC number on the screen. If anybody is teasing you, the available details are enough for you to sue them with legal action. Meanwhile, you can also use it for your benefit as it can provide you with information on a list of Mobile phone users registered on the CNIC number. If you are not using those numbers, you can easily note them and block them.


Is It Secure to Get SIM Card Owner/CNIC Holder Information in SIMownership.com?

Yes, finding out about the CNIC Holder or SIM card owner details is a safe procedure on SIMownership.com. When people are teasing or threatening you for no reason, you can get their details using advanced technology or a platform like SIMownership.com to trace them.


Here, the important thing that needs to be mentioned is that the SIMownership platform is not created on a random basis. Thousands of Dollars have been invested in the website’s infrastructure and hiring the top-notch expert team managing the entire platform. So, everyone who appears on the website for positive purposes will use it without any issues. None of their activity gets leaked to those who are available on the internet to track the such type of internet users. Our platform has strict rules against anyone so that nobody can explode our services for any reason.


What Details SIMOWNERSHIP.com provides against entering the SIM card?

When you enter the SIM Card number of any person into the text field, it will show you plenty of information that could be helpful for you to use. So, let’s talk about the list of details in the below sections.


Name: The first information you will get on the screen against any SIM Card number is the owner’s name. So yes, whoever has registered the SIM on their CNIC, their name as per the CNIC will appear on the screen.


Address: The home address of the SIM Card owner is the second information shown on the screen. The CNIC address will be shown on the screen to the user who has registered to the SIM card with their CNIC.


Note: If you want to check the platform’s reliability for the information provided against the SIM card number, you can enter your SIM Card number and go through the list of SIM card details shown on the screen.


What Details SIMownership.com Provides against entering the CNIC number?

When you enter the CNIC number on the Text field of SIMownership.com, it will show you details of the CNIC holder. So what are those details? Let’s get to know about them in the below sections.


Name: The first information you will get on the Screen against entering the CNIC number details will be the name of the person whose CNIC number you are entering.


Address: The second important thing that will show up on the screen is the Address of the person whose CNIC number you have entered.


Mobile numbers: The list of mobile numbers registered on the CNIC number will be shown on the screen to you. It’s the same list that we discussed earlier. So, you can get all of them on the screen by entering the CNIC number.

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Frequently Asked Questions


SIMownership.com is designed and developed to provide solutions to users online without charging a single penny. Yes, we are not charging any amount from our online users, so that you can use it for free. One thing to mention here is that we don’t have any plans right now to keep our services premium in the future. However, we have the right to change our policies if we find It necessary.

SIMownership.com has all the personal details of SIM card owners or CNIC holders from various social media sites, including classified sites. So, every week we update our database with the help of similar sites we mentioned.

SIMownership.com has invested thousands of Dollars in the security infrastructure and protocols of the platform. We are investing the amount daily. We are investing a huge amount to ensure that every user who visits our website shouldn’t have any gut feelings in their minds. We have kept the user’s activity as encrypted as possible. Besides, we have to make investments because of sensitive data; we don’t want the bad people on the internet or hackers to steal from us.

You don’t have to look for limitations when using SIMownership.com. Although it’s free to use, we have not initiated any limitations for the visitors. Anyone can use the search bar 100 or 1000 times in a day, week, month, or year.

SIMownership.com is constantly updating its SIM and CNIC database of users every week. So, it will take time to get the details of all the Pakistani CNIC holders and SIM card owners’ details on the database. So, if you are not seeing any data now, it’s because we have not yet updated the database. So, you better try it later and hopefully get the details on the screen.

SIMownership.com is a tool platform you can easily open on a Mobile, PC, or laptop browser. However, it’s mandatory to have stable internet and sometimes a VPN if it’s showing any error. We have geo-location restrictions so that VPN will work out in such circumstances.