Enter the CNIC or mobile number in the text field to get Pakistan SIM ownership details. It comes with no installment, free of cost, and no specific Device requirement.

How Does SIM Tracker Works? provides you with the facilities of a SIM tracker where you can easily monitor an unlimited number of Pakistani mobile numbers followed by various personal details associated with the mobile number.


In general, SIMownership is a useful platform for an individual or corporation. In terms of individual, it can be used to trace a person constantly teasing or threatening you on a mobile phone. Else, you can also use it as an individual to acquire the updated details of the mobile number, which is of your relative or your own. In terms of corporate use, corporations can scan thousands of mobile numbers using, where they can easily get the details of the mobile number and can make it helpful for their business users such as marketing purposes.


The major purpose of releasing the SIM tracker feature in our Platform is to provide the real-time data of the SIM owners. It can get you information on the run time, which could be useful for you for various reasons. One is to market your product to the right audience by acquiring their details in advance. The other reason to use it is to get an idea of your targeted customers in detail.


Apart from that, the Use of SIM Tracker is not paid, and you can get free access to all of its features. Compared to other platforms, is the kind where you will get reliable results with free services. Meanwhile, you don’t have to use it a specific number of times per day, weeks, months, or years.


What are the Benefits of Using SIM Tracker?


No Monthly Payments:

The first and most amazing benefit of using is it’s free. We have not initiated any monthly payment option into the platform. It may create confusion in people’s minds about whether the data would be reliable. Well, we have invested a huge amount of money in the accurate data-acquiring facilities of the platform. So, there would be no reason to assume that you will get unreliable data from our platform. You can make different entries on the text field and analyze the data. Hopefully, it will automatically make your mind stronger about the reliability of this platform.



Usually, acquiring the Information of a SIM owner takes work for everyone; especially, when you have zero links in the concerned departments in Pakistan. Every single one doesn’t have that much authority to provide details to every single person. However, the use of provides a sense of relief that you can get SIM data for free within a few seconds. Yes, the data that would take days to get will easily appear on the screen for you in less than a minute.


No Installation Required:

Usually, the SIM Tracker facilities available on the internet require installation on your Mobile Device or PC. However, the amazing thing about SIM Tracker is that it comes as a platform, So, you don’t need to install anything on your mobile device or PC to use the tool. Besides that, provides easy-to-use opportunities on every mobile device, Tablet, Laptop, and PC. So, there is no restriction over the devices where you should use the platform.



As has sensitive data on the platform, It may come to the user’s mind whether it’s safe to use it or not. Well, we have invested a huge amount of money in the secure structure of the platform. So, every activity performed on our website by third-party “Hackers/Fake users” or real-time users is properly monitored. However, we have not put any gap or kind of relief in our platform that could allow anyone to explode its security.


How To Use SIM Tracker?

SIM Tracker is easy; you only need a Smart device and a stable Internet connection to Track the SIM. Below is the list of Steps to use SIM Tracker.


Step 1: First, you need to open the SIMownership website on the Browser. Here, you should know that it doesn’t have any restrictions over Browser usage, so that you can use it according to your will.


Step 2: In the second step, you must click on the “SIM Tracker” section on the Home Page.


Step 3: In the Third step, you need to enter the mobile number of the SIM owners. Here, you have to skip the first digit of the mobile number and write down the rest of the number. For example, you have a number such as “03003333333”; now you need to note it down like “3003333333”.


Step 4: In the fourth step, wait for a few seconds and scroll down the page where you will get the details clearly on the screen.


What Data Will you Get on SIM Tracker?

In the SIM Tracker, we have included the crucial data of the SIM owner in detail. So, let’s talk about them in the below section.


Name: First, you will get the name of the SIM owners on the Screen. It’s included so you can verify the name of the Owners. In case you are checking the reliability of the platform, you can enter your number and see if it shows your name or someone else name. 


CNIC Number: If the person is teasing or threatening you for any reason, the CNIC number of the SIM owner will appear on the screen to take legal action. That’s the major reason we have to include this crucial detail of the SIM owner on the screen for you.


Address: Another amazing thing we included in the SIM Tracker Is the House address of the SIM owners. It will give you an idea about the exact location of the person where they live. So, you can geographically track them with the help of SIM Tracker. 


Why Should you Use SIM Tracker?


SIM Tracker is an easy-to-use and free platform for anyone looking to Get the SIM Ownership of any Pakistani. It has an advanced Security structure and constant upgrading on the user terms. So, anyone using this platform can get reliable results and a reason to check the details of any person safely. It’s not allowed anyone to exploit the security, whether it’s the team members or the users. So, you will be here as anonymous and leave as anonymous. offers a comprehensive SIM tracker service, allowing users to monitor an unlimited number of Pakistani mobile numbers along with associated personal details. Whether you’re dealing with harassment or simply need updated information on a relative’s or your own mobile number, our platform can assist you.

The primary goal of our SIM tracker feature is to provide real-time data on SIM owners. This information is invaluable for both individuals and corporations. For individuals, it aids in handling mobile harassment, while for businesses, it enables efficient marketing by offering detailed insights into the target audience.

Corporations can leverage to scan thousands of mobile numbers, obtaining essential details for their business needs, especially for marketing purposes. Our platform facilitates easy access to this data, enhancing marketing strategies and customer engagement.

Yes, the use of our SIM Tracker is entirely free on Unlike other platforms, we provide reliable results and access to all features without any charges. You can utilize our services without limitations, making it a cost-effective solution for your needs.

Absolutely! There are no specific limits on the usage of’s SIM tracker. Whether you need it once a day, once a week, or even multiple times within a day, you can access our platform without any restrictions, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our users. distinguishes itself by offering reliable and real-time results through its free SIM tracker service. We prioritize user convenience and do not impose usage limitations. Additionally, our platform is designed to be user-friendly, providing seamless access to valuable information associated with mobile numbers.