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  • First of all, you need to understand that the fishy or un-ethical activities happens on our website, it’s instantly seen and rectify by our team members. So, If you have any of those intentions to exploit the security or quality of this website, its your wish and it will remain. However, we are experience enough to block you from our website and would never allow you to use It for any reasons.
  • The data that is available on our website may contain some errors depending upon whatever reasons, you are not liable to question against the data. Moreover, is not allowed for any reasons behind due to the same reason that is causing you the damages.
  • com has the total rights to stop the services or don’t give access to anyone in the future. Therefore, you are not liable to question about it for any reason.
  • We are managing the website as anonymous, and we will never show our identity to anyone despite of whatever circumstances.
  • We will run advertisement on our website in the future as we are not charging a single penny from the users. Meanwhile, we have to bear the maintenance cost of the website every month. So, the advertisement will help us to earn money and to maintain the website. Therefore, no one is liable to argue us on our advertisement policies for any reason.