Enter the Unique 13 Digit CNIC ID Card number on the text Field to get the Ownership Details. You will get Instant and accurate data on the screen for you.


Enter the Unique 13 Digit CNIC ID Card number on the text Field to get the Ownership Details. You will get Instant and accurate data on the screen for you.


How Does CNIC Tracker Works?

At, we have offered you the services of a CNIC tracker where you can get enough details of every CNIC ID Card number you enter on the text field.


If you have no idea about the CNIC number, it’s a National identity card number that allocates to every Pakistani citizen based on making their nationality legit in the country. You get the CNIC number after making your B-Form, which can be called the CNIC Parent Tree. It takes a normal and instant process to get your CNIC number.


As long as is concerned, the services are included after getting a huge amount of queries in the forums where everyone was keen to get the CNIC number details. Normally, people are furious about getting the personal data of the person who keeps teasing them or the one who has taken the loan and is now away from the screen. So in both cases, the people needed to get the personal information behind the CNIC number that they have of others.


Based on that idea, the CNIC tracker feature is included in Any individual or corporate can use the tool to get the maximum amount of personal data that belongs to the CNIC.

In general, getting similar data takes work for all Pakistani. It requires a lot of resources to get the details of any CNIC number. Sometimes, you have to face failures, which means all of the hurdles and time you spend begging for personal information will go in vain.


Therefore, is released to provide a legit solution to the users. In other words, it’s the kind of friendly platform where any Pakistani person having the CNIC number can get the details onto the screen without any hurdles.


Besides that, is free for all users. Therefore, nobody needs to pay for the available resources on the platform. Meanwhile, we have not set any search requirements in the CNIC tracker; you can use it unlimited time every day.


What Data Will You Get on CNIC Tracker?

Full Name:

After you enter the 13 Digit unique ID card number on the text field, the first thing that will show you on the screen is the Name of the ID card holder. Yes, it’s included to verify the data is correct easily. For example, you could type your CNIC number and check that we provide 100% legit data. Then, your name will appear on the screen.


Mobile Number:

The Second thing that will appear on the screen is the mobile number of the ID Card holder. If a CNIC holder has registered more than one mobile number on the CNIC, all of the numbers will appear on the screen for you. It will help to call the person on the number to let them know you have the details of them and you can expose them for whatever they have done wrong to you. Meanwhile, you can use the same information as a corporate person to market your products by calling on the mobile number.



The third important thing that will appear on the screen for you is the House Address of the CNIC Holder. It shows the same address details on the screen registered with the number. So you can easily get their live location as well. For corporates, it can be a handful of data to identify the targeted customer geo-location for marketing purposes. For an individual, you could use that data to complain against the person to the available departments that can take action on your behalf.


What are the Benefits of CNIC Tracker?


Using the CNIC tracker can be a challenging thing for you; why? Because it would create a lot of assumptions in your mind that the platform would not be safe for you. Since it contains sensitive information about every Pakistani holder, anyone can spy on you. Meanwhile, your data is available in the platform, which might also expose.


Well, every single one of you reading this information must need to know that you should stay away from such thoughts. First, has invested in arranging advanced security tools and infrastructure and hiring experts to make the website as secure as possible.


Secondly, the platform has strong restrictions over the management of the website, so neither a third party nor the team member of the platform has that much authority to do any fishy technique. Also, by the time you get to the platform, you will get end-to-end encryption, which ensures your activity on this platform will never track by anyone.


No Installation:

You don’t need to install anything to use It’s a tool platform, and you can use it with the help of any smart device such as a Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, or PC. Moreover, you can use it on any web browser available.



As said earlier, getting the CNIC details of any person through departments would require time and resources. And if you don’t manage to get the details, all of your energy will waste. However, CNIC Tracker is the platform where you can instantly get the details against any CNIC you enter in the text field. So, it’s always a winning situation for you to get the information within seconds.



You can use the CNIC Tracker feature of for unlimited times without any restrictions or subscriptions.


How To Use it?

Step 1: First, you must open “” on your mobile, Laptop, or PC. When the home page appears, click on “CNIC Tracker”.

Step 2: On the Text Field, you must enter the CNIC number without a dash “-“. After that, click on the search button.

Step 3: In the third step, you have to wait for a few seconds, and the data will appear on the screen for you.


Why Should You Use CNIC Tracker?

CNIC Tracker has a huge Database of CNIC Holders that can easily get you the details of anyone. It’s user-friendly for an expert or newbie alone. Moreover, the platform shows reliable results, and its database is upgraded every week, which ensures fresh information on the screen.

To obtain ownership details, simply enter the unique 13-digit CNIC ID Card number into the provided text field on Instant and accurate data will be displayed on your screen, providing you with the necessary information.

The CNIC number is a National Identity Card number allocated to every Pakistani citizen, validating their nationality in the country. This number is obtained after the completion of the B-Form process, also known as the CNIC Parent Tree. The issuance of CNIC numbers is a standard and swift procedure. offers a convenient CNIC tracker service where users can enter a CNIC ID Card number in the provided text field to access detailed information. This feature was introduced in response to the high demand for accessing personal data associated with CNIC numbers, addressing the needs of individuals and corporations alike.

The CNIC tracker feature was introduced to cater to the needs of individuals and corporations seeking personal information associated with CNIC numbers. It provides a legitimate and user-friendly solution, especially for those dealing with issues like harassment or outstanding loans. simplifies the process, allowing users to access relevant data without any hassles.

Yes, is entirely free for all users. There are no charges for accessing the resources available on the platform. Users can utilize the CNIC tracker without any limitations, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for obtaining ownership details.

No, there are no limitations on the usage of the CNIC tracker on Users can access the tool an unlimited number of times every day without any restrictions. This unlimited usage ensures that individuals and corporations can obtain the required information conveniently and efficiently.