A one-stop platform where you will get comprehensive details of any SIM owners. Enter the CNIC or Mobile number in the below Text field.

HOW DOES SIM DATABASE ONLINE WORKS? is a one-stop platform where you will get comprehensive details of any SIM owner for free. Yes, the platform is not demanding a single penny from any users to get the details of any CNIC holder.


In the SIM Database online, we have got the details of all Pakistani Mobile number users with the help of classified and Social media sites. Based on that, we have constantly uploaded the information on our website to show the result.


In terms of showing data, any user who tends to appear on our website and enters the CNIC or mobile number of any Pakistani is then searched from the Database, and it will show on the screen within a few seconds.


The good thing about SIM Database online is that it can be useful for corporate and individuals. Yes, both parties can take good advantage of this feature. For corporate users, it’s beneficial to use the tool to identify the targeted customers because this platform gives extensive details of every CNIC or mobile number user. On the other hand, individuals can use it to identify any person who is threatening or teasing them.


The reason for introducing the SIM database online is to help out every person who needs to get the personal information of a Pakistani SIM owner. Usually, more than the data we provide is needed for a person to get from the departments in Pakistan. It will require a lot of resources and time to get the details, and if you don’t have those luxuries, then it’s like wasting your time and efforts. So, a SIM database online is a useful and easier option for anyone.


Another thing, using the SIM database is free, but you can search about as many Pakistani SIM owner details as possible without any limitations.


What are the Benefits of Using SIM Database Online?



SIM Database online is like getting the data for free in no time. As said earlier, asking the departments to provide you with the same data is like compromising your time and money. However, SIM database online tends to provide similar data in no time. So, it won’t waste your time and money at all.



Use of the SIM Database online is free for anyone. We are not considering any users buying our subscription plan and using the features. You can also check that we have not mentioned anything related to the subscription charges on our website. Although we have to invest in the website to manage things, we expect to get back our investments by placing ads on the website. So, that’s what you will also see in the future.


No Installation:

Usually, you have to install applications to use tools-type services. But, the benefit of using is that It comes as a platform-type tool. Therefore, you don’t have to install any application, which is amazing. Moreover, it comes with no limitations over the Devices or browsers. Therefore, you can use it on Mobile devices, tablets, Laptops, and PC. Meanwhile, it’s ideal for every web browser.



You have to stumble upon the website and realize that it offers sensitive information of any SIM owners, so it makes you realize whether it’s secure or not to use. Well, such kinds of things are normal to come to the mind of people. However, we are here to tell you that every activity you perform on our website is secure. We have invested a good amount in establishing the secure structure of this platform. Therefore, no third party or our team member can know about the activity or personal information of the user on this platform.


How Can You use SIM Database Online?


Whether you are an IT Newbie or an expert, it’s easier for you to use the SIM database online. Below is the list of steps that can give you an idea about it.


Step 1: You must start it by opening the platform on the web browser. For that, type in “” on the URL bar.


Step 2: In the second step, you have to click on the “SIM Database online” page on the top right side of the home page.


Step 3: In the third step, you must type in the CNIC or Mobile number in the Text field. You don’t have to use a dash between the digits for CNIC. Meanwhile, you don’t have to type a number like “03334567890” but type it like “3334567890”.


Step 4: In the fourth step, you have to wait for some time and will get the details on the screen.


What Data will you Get on the SIM Database Online?


On SIM Database online, you can get the information of the SIM owner through CNIC or mobile number. Below is the list of information that you will see on the screen.


Name: You will get the Name of the SIM owner to ensure the platform’s reliability. In addition, it helps in both identifying and reporting against the person. Remember, the person’s name is shown as per the CNIC number.


CNIC Number: The CNIC number of the person will appear on the Screen on which the Owner registers the SIM.


Mobile Number: The person’s mobile number is also included in the Data category. Usually, it’s beneficial when you enter the CNIC number on the tool as it can get you the list of Mobile numbers registered on the same CNIC number.


Address: The address of the SIM owner will appear on the screen for you. The Address on the screen will get from the CNIC detailed information for you.


Why Should you use SIM Database Online?

SIM Database online is a free and easy-to-use platform for any Pakistani to get SIM ownership details. It comes with reliable data providing and optimal security. So, you will not get the same kind of services for free from another tool right now. Moreover, all of your activity on this platform remains under end-to-end encryption. serves as a comprehensive platform where users can access detailed information about any SIM owner in Pakistan, absolutely free of charge. By utilizing data from classified and social media sites, the platform constantly updates its database. When a user enters a CNIC or mobile number, the information is searched from the database and displayed on the screen within seconds.

Both corporate entities and individuals can benefit from’s SIM Database Online feature. For businesses, it’s a valuable tool for identifying targeted customers due to the extensive details it provides about every CNIC or mobile number user. Individuals can use it to identify and address threats or harassment from specific individuals.

The SIM Database Online was introduced to assist anyone in need of personal information about a Pakistani SIM owner. Obtaining such data from government departments in Pakistan can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. simplifies this process, offering a convenient and efficient solution for individuals and corporations.

No, using the SIM Database Online feature on is entirely free. Users can access information about as many Pakistani SIM owners as needed without any limitations or charges, making it a user-friendly and budget-friendly option. ensures accuracy and reliability in the information provided through its SIM Database Online feature. The data is sourced from classified and social media sites, providing users with up-to-date and trustworthy details about the SIM owners. Users can rely on the platform for accurate information.

Yes, there are no usage limitations on’s SIM Database Online. Users can search for details about as many Pakistani SIM owners as necessary, without any restrictions. This unlimited access ensures that individuals and businesses can obtain the required information conveniently and efficiently.