Enter a Pakistani citizen’s CNIC or Mobile number in the text field to get the Ownership details. You will get instant and fresh information.


The trace Location feature in is like a critical weapon to find your loved ones or spy on those who are misbehaving or threatening.


As we all know, smartphones are getting faster each day. The era we are supposed to live in has made it mandatory to use smartphones, as there are no other choices. In a room of five people, you can easily analyze that every single one is constantly connected to smartphones.


Meanwhile, the corporate world and all other fields of life tend to face similar circumstances.

The increase in Smartphone usage does come with negative and positive aspects. The positive is helping people to connect and do business. While the negative aspects expose your identity or you get threats from other people. You would also get into an environment where you would receive threats from others.


However, using Trace location, it enables every single user to easily trace the location of the Mobile number or CNIC holder that you have of any deal-breaker or someone else.


The feature is purely working on making the user’s problems easier to find the person’s location. Normally, such information’s not easier for you to acquire as the departments In Pakistan don’t have that much authority to give it to anyone. Therefore, you can’t make it easily and instantly if you are getting serious threats or any other reason. But, the use of ensures properly that you wouldn’t face such issues and will get the information on the screen within seconds.


While tracing location can be stressful and demands investments, the Trace location feature of doesn’t come with such requirements. So yes, you don’t need to pay a single penny to us to get the details. Meanwhile, you don’t have to face difficulties too.


What are the Benefits of Using Trace Location?

Finding Someone:

The first and most important benefit of using our Trace location feature is that you can easily get the location of anyone. If you are not in touch with a loved one or even have their mobile number, you can easily trace the person’s location, which can get you details about their home address, fresh mobile number, etc. So, it would be amazing to get those fresh details and reconnect with loved ones. Similarly, you can use it to find the unknown people who keep teasing or harming you for whatever reasons. You can use the information against them, which will help you in various ways.


No Subscription Charges:

Usually, tracing the location of the person through a CNIC or Mobile number can be costly. Why? Because no one would be willing to provide such sensitive information for free. Several platforms are making money by providing similar details. However, using and its Trace location services ensures that you don’t need to pay to use the tool. It comes with no subscription charges, and if somebody is charging you for the same information, you can use our platform.


Unlimited Usage:

Apart from offering free services, is also beneficial to use for unlimited times. Yes, we have yet to find any user to search for a limited number of daily entries. Therefore, everything is dependent upon you to search for the data of any person through CNIC or Mobile number.


No Installation:

Whether you are using it on a Mobile phone or PC, you don’t need any application to use its features. So yes, we have introduced it as a tool platform, and you can use it on any web browser or device without any installation requirements.



Whether it’s safe or not? It might be the most common question that comes into your mind. We have invested a lot of money in making the website’s infrastructure strong and secure. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything related to the security aspect of the website. None of your activity will expose to the team member or the third party due to end-to-end encryption. Meanwhile, nobody can get deep inside the database of information we have uploaded onto the platform.


Easy to use and Fast User Experience:

We have considered the two most important aspects of our website: the simple interface and good loading speed. Therefore, the first time you appear on our website, you will be able to use its features easily. Meanwhile, we have kept the development aspects lighter, which ensures quick page loading.


How to use Trace Location?

Trace location is easy for anyone to use by just following the steps. Below is the list of steps you need to follow.


Step 1: First, you must access the website by entering “” on the web browser. It will get you to the home page of the platform.

Step 2: In the second step, you must click on the “Trace location” page on the menu bar. It will get you to the page where you must enter the details.

Step 3: You will get a Text Field bar where the CNIC or Mobile number needs to be entered. After that, you have to click on the search button. Now, wait for a few minutes, and the data will appear on the screen for you.


What Information Will You Get on the Trace location?

If you enter your CNIC number, you will get the Following Details.


Full name: You will get the Full name details of the person on which the CNIC card is registered.


Mobile number: The list of mobile numbers registered on the CNIC will show on the screen.


CNIC: The CNIC Number you have already entered will appear on the screen.


Address: The actual address of the person that is registered on the CNIC number will show on the screen.


If you enter your Mobile Number, the following are the details that will show to you.


Full name: The name registered on the Mobile number will show you.


Mobile number: The mobile number you have already entered in the text field will show on the screen.


CNIC: The CNIC number registered on the number will show on the screen.


Address: The person’s address will show as per the CNIC registered on the Mobile Number.


Why Should You Use Trace Location?

Trace location is a reliable and safe-to-use platform that can easily get your loved ones’ or anonymous people’s location details. Moreover, it’s free to use an unlimited number of times.

The Trace Location feature on serves as a crucial tool to locate your loved ones or monitor individuals who might be misbehaving or posing threats. By leveraging this feature, users can easily trace the location of a mobile number or CNIC holder, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

With the widespread use of smartphones, it has become essential to have tools like’s Trace Location feature. Smartphones, while connecting people, can also expose your identity and make you susceptible to threats. This feature helps users identify the location of individuals they have concerns about, striking a balance between connectivity and safety.’s Trace Location feature is designed to ease the user’s experience in locating individuals. Unlike traditional methods that often involve complex procedures and lengthy waits, this feature provides instant and accurate information on the screen within seconds. It simplifies the process, allowing users to address their concerns swiftly and efficiently.

No, there is no charge for using the Trace Location feature on Users can access this feature without any financial commitments, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for tracing the location of specific mobile numbers or CNIC holders. prioritizes user privacy and security. While using the Trace Location feature, your personal information remains confidential. We have implemented stringent security measures to safeguard user data, ensuring a safe and secure environment for tracing locations and addressing concerns.

Absolutely! Using the Trace Location feature on is hassle-free and straightforward. Users do not encounter any complications or difficulties during the process. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing individuals to trace locations effortlessly and without any technical challenges.