Pak SIM Details

Your Ultimate Guide to SIM Information in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan to Check SIM Details Ownership Records For Free.

In today’s digital age, staying connected through mobile phones has become an integral part of our lives. Whether you are in Pakistan, India, or Afghanistan, knowing the details of a SIM card can be essential for various reasons. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to a powerful tool, Pak SIM Details, and related services, helping you discover the owner’s name, location, and more, all without hassle.


Pak SIM Details – Your Go-To Source for SIM Information

Pak SIM Details is an online platform powered by, offering a user-friendly solution for individuals in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. With this tool, you can easily access SIM card information using just the mobile number or CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, without worrying about dashes or starting from zero. Let’s dive into the details and explore the key features and benefits of Pak SIM Details.


Live Tracker: Unveiling the Power of Information

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Live Tracker stands out as one of the best websites to retrieve information about unknown numbers, complete with CNIC details and names. It offers a range of valuable services, including locating mobile devices, accessing the sim database, and checking sim ownership data for the years 2019 to 2023. This versatile tool empowers you to trace any person’s cell phone number in your mobile contacts effortlessly. The dedicated team behind Live Tracker ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your needs.


Paksimdetails – Your Trusted Companion

If you ever need to trace a mobile number, look no further than Paksimdetails. This platform offers the Person Tracker and Live Tracker, both of which are 100% authentic and reliable. By simply entering a mobile number, you can uncover vital information, including the person’s name, address, CNIC number, and mobile location. Live Tracker boasts billions of updated sim data records in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, making it a go-to resource for tracking any information with a single tap. Whether you’re trying to identify unknown callers or gather information about someone, the Live Tracker tool at Paksimdetails is your best choice.


Track Exact Mobile Location on Google Maps?

Imagine being able to track the exact location of a mobile device on Google Maps. With Pak SIM Details, you can do just that. This feature comes in handy for various scenarios, including finding a lost phone or ensuring the safety of loved ones. The accuracy and convenience of this service make it an invaluable tool in today’s fast-paced world.


What Is A Pakdata?

Pakdata is a revolutionary service that simplifies the creation, update, sharing, and tracking of data. Specifically designed for tracking people in Pakistan, this free and open-source web application is an integral part of Paksimdetails. It serves as a centralized platform to view and analyze a wide range of information about individuals, from birth to death.


All the data on Pakdata is meticulously collected from census records of the central government and local data from various organizations and institutions. Users can access this data in various formats, including graphs, tables, maps, and pie charts. Whether you are conducting research or simply curious about demographic trends, Pakdata offers a wealth of information at your fingertips.


LiveTracker Service To Track Pakdata

LiveTracker takes the concept of Pakdata a step further by providing comprehensive details about Pakistan and Afghan wireless numbers. With data available for the years 2019 to 2023, you can search for any Afghan Wireless number and obtain ownership details. Moreover, LiveTracker allows you to amaze your friends or play pranks by showcasing their Pakistan wireless sim details. Additionally, you can check the location of any Pakistan or wireless number with ease. With its special Pakistan wireless 2018 database, LiveTracker ensures your safety and peace of mind. If you ever need to track someone’s details or verify their location, LiveTracker is your trusted partner.


Paksimdetails: Your Destination for Pak Data

Paksimdetails is more than just a website; it’s your gateway to accessing crucial information about individuals in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. With its user-friendly tools and accurate data, Paksimdetails simplifies the process of tracking mobile numbers and gathering information about people. Whether you want to identify unknown callers, trace a friend’s location, or explore demographic trends, Paksimdetails has you covered.


Tracking Live Locations with Pak SIM Details

Tracking the live location of individuals using mobile devices has become an essential tool in various scenarios, such as ensuring the safety of loved ones or monitoring employee movements. In Pakistan, you can obtain this information through the latest database of 2023 from Pak SIM Details. Here’s how you can track live locations with this service:


Requirements for Live Tracking:

  1. Tracking Software and Device: You need tracking software and a mobile device that supports geolocation, GPS (Global Positioning System), and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Many modern smartphones, including iPhones and Android devices, come equipped with these features.

  2. Server: To store and manage the location data, you require a server. This server will receive and process the location information collected from the mobile devices.

  3. Database: A database is essential for storing all the geotagged information securely. It helps organize and retrieve location data efficiently.


Steps to Track Live Locations:

  1. Access Pak SIM Details: Visit the Pak SIM Details website, which provides access to the latest database of 2023. This database contains up-to-date information about mobile users in Pakistan.

  2. Input Required Information: To initiate the tracking process, you may need specific information about the individual you want to track. This could include their phone number, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, or any other identifying details.

  3. Search and Retrieve Data: Use the search function on the Pak SIM Details website to input the information you have. The database will then retrieve the relevant data associated with the individual.

  4. Access Live Location: Depending on the capabilities of the service, you may be able to access the live location of the mobile device linked to the individual. This could be displayed on a map, providing real-time tracking information.



  • Legal and Ethical Compliance: Ensure that you use such tracking services in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Tracking someone without their consent may infringe on their privacy rights.

  • Permission and Consent: It’s essential to have the necessary permissions and consent from the individual you intend to track. Tracking without consent is illegal and unethical.

  • Data Security: Protect the data you collect and store it securely. Unauthorized access to location data can have serious consequences.

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of live location tracking can vary based on the capabilities of the mobile device and the tracking software being used.

  • Privacy Awareness: Be mindful of the privacy implications of location tracking. Always respect individuals’ privacy rights and use location data responsibly.


Sim Database Online 2023: Managing Mobile Phone Usage in Pakistan

In today’s digital age, the widespread use of cell phones has become an integral part of both individual and corporate life. However, this surge in cell phone usage has also brought about an increase in associated crimes, including threats, blackmail, phone scams, and fraud. To address and control these issues while promoting peace within the country, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced a system known as “Sim Database Online.” This system is designed to manage and organize all the details of sim cardholders and monitor the use of mobile phones in Pakistan.


What is Sim Database Online 2023?

Sim Database Online 2023 is a comprehensive system implemented by the PTA to effectively manage and regulate the usage of sim cards and associated activities within Pakistan. It serves as a centralized repository of information about sim cardholders, enabling authorities to monitor and track mobile phone usage for various purposes, including security and verification.


Key Features of Pak Sim Database Online 2023:

  1. Sim Owner’s Information: This system provides access to detailed information about sim card owners, including their names, addresses, and other relevant details. This information is crucial for verifying the identities of sim cardholders.

  2. Live Tracker: The Sim Database Online 2023 is equipped with live tracking capabilities. This feature allows authorized users, such as law enforcement agencies, to track the real-time locations of mobile devices associated with specific sim cards. It can be a valuable tool for locating individuals in emergency situations or criminal investigations.

  3. CNIC System Information: The system is integrated with the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) system. CNICs are the primary identification documents in Pakistan, and linking them to sim cardholder information enhances security and accountability.

  4. Security and Verification: Sim Database Online 2023 plays a pivotal role in enhancing security measures by ensuring that sim cards are registered to legitimate users. It helps prevent the misuse of sim cards for illegal activities.

  5. Regulatory Compliance: The system enables the government and regulatory authorities to enforce compliance with sim card registration and ownership regulations. This helps in reducing the potential for fraudulent or unauthorized use of sim cards.

  6. Crime Prevention: By monitoring and tracking mobile phone usage, law enforcement agencies can use the data to prevent and investigate criminal activities, such as cybercrimes and harassment.

  7. Emergency Response: The live tracking feature can be invaluable in emergency situations, allowing authorities to quickly locate individuals in need of assistance.

  8. Privacy Considerations: While the system enhances security and accountability, it must be used responsibly and in compliance with privacy laws to safeguard the rights and privacy of individuals.


Sim Database Online 2023 is a significant step toward ensuring the responsible and secure use of sim cards in Pakistan. It empowers authorities to combat illegal activities while promoting public safety and peace within the country. However, it is essential that the system is used within legal and ethical boundaries to protect the privacy and rights of all individuals.


SIM Database Online 2023: Understanding its Functionality and Benefits

The SIM Database Online 2023 is a crucial system established by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to regulate and manage the use of SIM cards within the country. It serves various purposes, including ensuring security, verifying user identities, and combating fraudulent activities. To help you better understand how this system works and the benefits it offers, let’s explore some key aspects:


How Does the SIM Database Online Work?

The SIM Database Online operates as a centralized repository of information related to SIM cardholders in Pakistan. Here’s how it works:

  1. Data Collection: Mobile network operators collect and register information about individuals purchasing SIM cards, including their names, addresses, and Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) details.

  2. Data Submission: This data is submitted to the SIM Database Online system, where it is stored securely.

  3. Access Control: Authorized entities, such as law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies, can access this system to verify SIM card ownership, track mobile devices, and gather information for security and investigative purposes.


Benefits of Using Pak Sim Details Website:

“Pak Sim Details” is a platform that provides access to the SIM Database Online 2023. Here are the benefits of using this website:

  • Sim Owner Details: You can retrieve comprehensive information about SIM card owners, including their names, addresses, and CNIC details.

  • Sim Ownership Tracking: The website allows you to track the ownership of a specific SIM card, providing valuable insights into its registered user.

  • Verification: You can verify the legitimacy of a SIM card’s ownership, helping to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use.

  • Network Operator Information: Access details about the cellular network operator associated with a particular SIM card.


How to Track SIM Ownership Details Using Pak Sim Database Online:

  1. Visit the “Pak Sim Details” website.

  2. Enter the mobile number or SIM card number you wish to inquire about.

  3. The website will provide you with detailed information about the SIM card’s ownership, including the owner’s name and other relevant data.


How to Check Sim Ownership Information:

To check SIM ownership information, follow these steps:

  1. Access the “Pak Sim Details” website.

  2. Input the mobile number or SIM card number in question.

  3. The website will promptly display the SIM card’s ownership information.


How to Find Out SIM Ownership by Cellular Network Operators:

SIM ownership information is typically maintained by the cellular network operators themselves. To find out SIM ownership through these operators, you can:

  1. Visit the official website of the respective cellular network operator.

  2. Use their designated service or portal for SIM ownership verification.

  3. Provide the required details, such as the mobile number or SIM card number, to obtain ownership information.


Reasons to Choose Pak Sim Details for Finding SIM Ownership:

There are several reasons to opt for “Pak Sim Details” when searching for SIM ownership details:

  • Convenience: The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to access information.

  • Comprehensive Data: “Pak Sim Details” provides detailed ownership information, ensuring you get accurate results.

  • Security: The platform adheres to security standards to protect user data and privacy.

  • Legitimacy: It operates within legal boundaries and is authorized to access SIM card ownership information.


How to Change SIM Ownership in Pakistan:

To change SIM card ownership in Pakistan, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest service center or franchise of your cellular network operator.

  2. Fill out the required forms for SIM ownership transfer.

  3. Provide valid identification documents, including CNIC or other prescribed documents.

  4. Pay any applicable fees or charges for the ownership transfer process.

  5. Once the process is complete, the SIM card will be transferred to the new owner’s name.


Remember that changing SIM ownership should be done through official channels and in compliance with the operator’s policies and legal regulations.

Using the SIM Database Online and platforms like “Pak Sim Details” responsibly helps ensure the secure and legitimate use of SIM cards in Pakistan, contributing to overall safety and accountability.

To search for the latest Pak SIM details database, visit for free access to phone number and CNIC information.

Live Tracker allows you to access details such as CNIC, name, address, network information, and live mobile location. offers the capability to track the exact mobile location on Google Maps, ensuring the most accurate information.

Pakdata is a service available through, offering comprehensive data tracking for individuals in Pakistan. It sources its information from various government and local organizations, presenting data in various formats.

LiveTracker provides complete wireless number details for the years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, covering both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Paksimdetails is your one-stop destination for accessing Pakistani data. It offers a range of services, including SIM details, location tracking, and CNIC information.

Yes, LiveTracker provides complete details for Afghan wireless numbers, allowing you to check ownership and location information.