EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW is a tool platform that provides you with multiple features to get the personal details of any Pakistani Citizen for any reason. For example, suppose you are a business owner/product dealer/ Service provider. In that case, you can use to get the details of the targeted customer along with their live locations to create a successful campaign to attract targeted customers. Meanwhile, using is beneficial for an individual to get the details of a relative or someone else who is teasing or threatening. is designed to provide ease to the people of Pakistan. Many Pakistani citizens have issues with Trolls, Scammers, or Criminals on their Mobile numbers. With the help of, they can easily get to know about all of them in detail.


Besides that, is also a good option for people to get instant details of a Pakistani citizen. Usually, getting the details of any Pakistani citizen based on their CNIC or SIM Card number takes work when considering a department. Most of the time, you have to wait for long periods with no hope and sometimes you don’t get the demanded response even after so long. But is like getting the task done within a few seconds.


What are the Features of


SIM Tracker:

The SIM Tracker is included for People who have the SIM Card number of a Pakistani citizen and are looking for personal details. In this feature, the user had to enter the correct Pakistani Contact number without considering the first digit “0”. After entering the Mobile number, you will get the details like Name, Address, and CNIC. You can also enter the CNIC number to use SIM Tracker.


CNIC Tracker: 

The CNIC Tracker feature allows you to get the personal details of any Pakistani Citizen against the CNIC card number. However, you must enter the 13 digits CNIC number without dashes to get the person’s details. Also, the feature is only valid for entering the CNIC number, as you can’t enter the phone number to get CNIC number details.


Trace location:

The trace location feature is ideal for parents looking for their Children. Meanwhile, it benefits those looking for an unknown person’s location. You can get the live location by entering the Mobile or CNIC number of the person.


SIM Database Online: 

The SIM Database Online is quite similar to SIM Tracker, where you can get the details of a SIM Card owner. All you need is to enter the person’s mobile number and get the details. CNIC number will not work on this feature.